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Saturday, February 19, 2011

CHIC VS SHOCK - Sofia Coppola vs Anna dello Russo

Anna dello Russo: everyone knows her. The editor of Vogue Japan has become a major fashion star thanks to her impossible stolen-from-the-runway looks.
She has put fun back in fashion, people say. Right. I always laugh when I see pictures of her. They are very funny.
Last season (SS 2011), Anna wore for the first time a watermelon hat at the Marc Jacobs' show, for the delight of those sited behind her. This week, she chose two golden cherries to decor her head again at Marc Jacobs'. Lovely.

And what's about this sparky golden dress-coat (Blamain, maybe)? With Aviator sunglasses and leather over-the-knees boots she looks like a "Calamity Jane meets Las Vegas" character.

But New York Fashion Week was also populated by very chic lady. One for all, Sofia Coppola.
I love her style and her work, both of them I would describe as delicate.
In her movies everything is whispered, nothing yelled and so are her clothes.

Here above, on the left, front row at Rodarte's near Kristen Dunst, in sweater and jeans but not any sweater and not any jeans, with that touch of red that change everything (love the carry-all Louis Vuitton bag she designed herself). And on the right at Marc Jacobs' with the man himself, with a gown from the SS collection.

What I really like about Sofia and don't about Anna, it's that she has a style which is her own and doesn't change much to follow the moods of the season. She just twits it, putting here and there some touch of glamor. Because fashion must be at our service, NOT we at the service of fashion.

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