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Friday, March 18, 2011


At the beginning was just Carine and Anna (Wintour). Now, it's also about Emmanuelle, Giovanna and Anna (dello Russo).

Seducing the crowd (and street-style photographers) with their impeccable outfits, editors have become the The Big Stars of Fashion.

A sort of editors-mania is spreading into the web. Pictures of the three of them were everywhere during these last fashion weeks, receiving almost more attention than the actual shows.

Everyone wants to be them. Having no idea about the endless amount of labor this stressful job demands, by the way.

Being the most exhibitionist of the lucky trio, Anna dello Russo created her blog all by herself, where she (okay, maybe her assistant) posts her editorials -yes, these people work for real- as well as her crazy looks.

Instead it's Kellina de Boer the mind behind the "I want to be" series.

If you are a fan of Emmanuelle Alt, Carine Roitfeld and her cool kids or the newcomer Giovanna Battaglia (who, casually, is Vladimir Roitfeld's girlfriend), you can check out their last outfits and taking a touristic tour into their closets or bath drawers.

I'm wondering if people will rush online to buy black Topshop jeans because Emmanuelle Alt wears them or that pair of stiletto seen on Julia Roitfeld.

I'm trying to contact Mrs de Boer to find out why she did such a thing. Apparently, she wasn't ask to by the direct objects of her obsession.
Because, let's be honest, all this is more about voyeuristic gossip than fashion.


  1. Here I am, what would you like to know? If you don't think Giovanna's closet is fashion, perhaps you haven't been there yet...

  2. Hi! thank you for your comment. Of course the closet itself is fashion, it's the whole thing that makes me curious. Where the idea for this blog came from?
    ps you can answer me by email if you prefer: themaraisgirl@hotmail.com