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Friday, September 9, 2011


I would like to say I enjoyed the Vogue Fashion Night (the French name for the Fashion's Night Out) but I didn't.
Stores were too crowed to actual see anything, you had to queue for half and hour before being able to enter and when you finally managed to do it, often no more champagne to welcome you.
The various activities proposed didn't go more far than some DJ performing and all Emmanuelle Alt and her bunch of model pals (Isabeli Fontana, Natasha Poly and Anja Rubik) did was turning from store to store sometime cheering designers.
Charlotte Casirghi's encounter with Balmain's Olivier Rousteing was awkward and comical at the same time, standing in front of each other without saying anything.
You can see with your own eyes here


  1. I thought it was a fun night full of energy, fabulously dressed Parisians and a chance to see stores I don't normally go to. Fortunately, I got there at the start, so queuing was a no more than 5-7 minutes. As the night went on the queues became longer, which I agree, was disappointing and deterred me.

    I don't feel like it was a night to shop though, how about you? For me, it was just one big party, which was not to be taken too seriously.

    PS - did you see the queue at Chanel? Oh my goodness!

  2. I did the FNO in NY last year and that was a big party!
    No one bought anything because you didn't have the space to even move around and see the clothes.
    Chanel was a total crazyness!!